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Shepperton Recycling Centre

Shepperton recycling Centre is an important way to reduce their environmental impact. If you live in Shepperton and want to learn more about how you can help recycle your rubbish, then you should visit the Shepperton recycling Centre.

What is Shepperton recycling Centre?

The recycling Centre is a local facility that collects and recycles televisions, computer monitors, laptops and other electronic equipment. The Centre also offers a drop-off service for old electronics that can no longer be used or are no longer needed.

The recycling Centre is a local recycling centre in Shepperton, Surrey. It is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and on Saturday 9am-12pm. The centre accepts a wide range of materials for recycling, including plastics, paper, cardboard, metal and textiles. It also has a sorting area where recycled materials are sorted according to type.

What does recycling Centre do?

Shepperton recycling Centre is a recycling Centre that collects and processes waste in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The Centre opened in 1978 and operates out of a 12-acre site. It is the largest municipal recycling center in Europe.

The Centre accepts waste from around London, including the surrounding areas of Twickenham, Kingston upon Thames, Richmond, Ealing, Hounslow, and Wimbledon. The site also has the capability to process materials from other parts of the United Kingdom if necessary. It is one of the key players in helping to reduce London’s harmful emissions.

This recycling Centre is a local recycling Centre in Shepperton, Surrey which helps to reduce waste and help the environment. They offer a variety of recycling services including household plastics, cardboard, textiles and electronics. They also have a drop off point for green waste.

How much does it cost to use Shepperton recycling Centre?

In addition to being convenient and easy to use, the recycling Centre also offers a cost-effective option when it comes to recycling. Memberships start at just £5 a month, which means that you can recycle up to three items per week without having to pay extra. Plus, if you bring your own bin, you can save even more money by using the Centre’s bins.

The recycling Centre charges a small fee for using their facilities. The fee is $2 per bag, and it’s good for a week. You can also drop off large items like furniture or appliances for free. It costs £2 per bag to use the Centre, and there is a £5 minimum spend requirement. The Centre accepts all types of plastics, paper, cardboard and glass.

Where is Shepperton recycling Centre located?

The recycling Centre is located in Surrey. The recycling Centre is located at 16 Shepperton Road.
What is the opening times of the Shepperton recycling Centre? The recycling Centre opens from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

What can I recycle at Shepperton recycling Centre?

At recycling Centre, you can recycle a wide range of materials, including plastics, cardboard, paper and glass.
We accept most kinds of recyclable material, including plastic bags, bottles and cans. The recycling Centre offers residents of the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, as well as anyone in the area who is 18 years or older, the opportunity to recycle a wide variety of materials. This year, they have added new items to their recycling program, including electronic waste and plastics.

Items that can be recycled at the Centre include:

-Construction and demolition debris
-Carpet and rug cleaning material
-Plastics (bottles, bags, containers)
-Styrofoam packaging
-Electronic waste (computers, phones, monitors)
-Metals (steel, aluminum)

What can’t I recycle at Shepperton recycling Centre?

You might be surprised at the items that can’t be recycled in Shepperton. Here are a few things that don’t accept:

– aerosols
– batteries (including car and boat batteries)
– hazardous waste
– ink cartridges
– plastics with a thickness of more than 5 mm (excluding food packaging)
– textiles with a thickness of more than 120 g/m2

-Plastic bags
-Carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders

-Batteries (including lead and mercury batteries)

-Paint, varnish, lacquer products, and creams

-Organic materials

-Household hazardous waste (HHW)


If you’re in the Shepperton area and looking to recycle your waste, then you’ll want to check out the recycling centre located at 5495 Shepperton Road. This place is open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm, and they offer a variety of sorting options so that you can get the most out of your recyclable materials. Plus, if you have any questions about how to properly recycle your garbage, don’t hesitate to ask them — the staff at this recycling centre are more than happy to help.

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