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Sidmouth Recycling Centre

Sidmouth recycling Centre is an important part of Sidmouth’s economy and helps to reduce pollution levels in the town. It is also important to note that this Centre provides jobs for local residents.

Sidmouth is a town in Devon, England. It was first mentioned in 926AD when the monastery of Sidmouth was founded by St. Ercwin and his disciple Sido. In the Middle Ages it was a busy port, exporting tin and lead ores to Europe. Today, Sidmouth’s economy is based on tourism, with visitors drawn to its Georgian and Regency architecture, as well as its beaches and gardens.

What is Sidmouth Recycling Centre?

The Sidmouth Recycling Centre is a recycling facility located in Sidmouth, Devon. Opened in 2007, it is the first of its kind in the UK and is managed by the charity Waste Concern. The centre collects recycled materials from around the area, including plastics, paper and cardboard. It processes these materials into new products, such as insulation and carpet. The Centre also offers educational activities for children, such as recycling workshops.

What do they recycle?

Sid mouth recycling Centre recycles a variety of materials, including plastics, cardboard, textiles and electronics. The Centre also offers drop-off and pick-up services for residents in the surrounding area.

How to use Sid Mouth recycling center?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about what goes into your mouth. But what you put in your mouth–and how it’s disposed of–has a big impact on the environment. That’s why Sidmouth recycling center is so important.

Sidmouth recycling center is a kiosk located in the town centre that allows residents to recycle a variety of materials, including plastics and metals. The centre also accepts paper and cardboard.

To use the recycling center, residents should first gather all of the materials they want to recycle. They can then take these materials to the kiosk, where staff will help them load them into the appropriate containers.

Residents can also find information about recycling at Sidmouth recycling center. Staff are available to provide advice on how to make the best use of the centre’s resources, and they can answer questions about the benefits of recycling.

What are the benefits of recycling at Sidmouth Recycling Centre?

The Sidmouth Recycling Centre is a great place to recycle your old clothes, furniture and electronics. Here are some of the benefits of recycling at the centre:

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce by recycling your old materials.
  • You can reduce the environmental impact of your waste by recycling it correctly.
  • You can help support local businesses by recycling their materials.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your materials.

Where is Sidmouth Recycling Centre located?

The Sidmouth Recycling Centre is located at the corner of West Street and South Road in Sidmouth. The centre provides a range of recycling services including household waste collection, recycling, composting and drop-off points for materials such as plastics, cardboard and glass.

How to Use Sid Mouth Recycling Centre?

If you’re looking to reduce your waste and recycle more, head on over to the Sidmouth recycling centre. There are plenty of ways to get involved with recycling at the centre, so find out what works best for you. Here are four tips for using Sidmouth recycling centre:

1. Know what goes into your bin. The recycling center offers a wide variety of materials that can be recycled, so it’s important to know what’s accepted. You can check the list of accepted materials on their website or ask a staff member at the centre.

2. Sort your materials. When it comes to sorting your recyclable materials, size matters. Keep recyclables that are small enough to fit in one bag or container and toss big items like furniture and appliances in the trash.

3. Join up with a community group. Recycling is a great way to reduce your waste and make a difference in the environment, but it can be easier with help. Join a community group like Sidmouth Citizens Waste Watch or Sidmouth Neighbourhood Watch and work together to promote recycling in your area.

4. Take advantage of special events. The recycling centre hosts a number of special events

What do I need to do if I want to recycle with Sidmouth Recycling Centre?

If you’re interested in recycling with Sidmouth Recycling Centre, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. The first is to attend one of our drop-in recycling sessions. During these sessions, we’ll show you how to properly recycle your materials using our collection system.

Additionally, you’ll need to bring your recyclable materials to one of our three drop-off center’s: in Sidmouth, East Sidmouth or Manaton. Here, our team of volunteers will help you load your recyclables into our collection trucks.

Finally, make sure to sign up for our e-mailed recycling updates and newsletters. These alerts will keep you updated on our latest recycling initiatives and events.


If you’re looking for a recycling centre that does a great job and is environmentally friendly, the Sid Mouth recycling centre should be your go-to. Not only do they recycle everything from plastics to paper, but they also compost most of their waste, which helps preserve our environment. Plus, the staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have about recycling or composting, so don’t hesitate to stop by.

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